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Easily enter your bills

There are multiple ways to quickly import your invoices into BILL, with little to no manual entry required.

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Simplify your approvals process

Tailor your approval workflows to fit your business rules, and BILL handles the routing for you.

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Pay smarter

With access to millions of vendors over the BILL network and more payment options—from ACH to credit card, check, and international wire transfer—you have more flexibility and control over payments.

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Stay in (2-way) sync

Reduce manual data entry, reconcile accounts faster, and improve team productivity using automatic 2-way sync with leading accounting systems.

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BILL has reduced our payment processes by 80%. BILL is very easy to use and provides appropriate reports for us to use for accounting. Being a small organization, the time to process payments, obtain appropriate approval processes, and send out timely payments has helped our organization streamline our accounts payable process.”

Banbie Hayes-Brown, CEO
Georgia Advancing Communities Together

“Using BILL has reduced bookkeeping time by 70%. We can get checks and ACH payments processed online, we have an audit trail and good internal controls for our bookkeeping staff and our clients. It has been a win-win for our time management and our clients bills getting paid on time and properly documented.”

Audrey George, CEO
ANC Accounting

BILL AP has saved our organization hundreds of hours in manual processes. We have experienced tremendous growth over the last 18 months. BILL allows us to concentrate on our mission and allocate more resources toward our programs and services by significantly reducing the staff time needed to submit, process and pay bills. The approval process also allows us to maintain efficiencies and internal controls.”

VP of Finance
Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company
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2 weeks

is how long it takes for customers to see benefits after implementing BILL
*Based on a 2023 survey of over 4,000 BILL customers.

Built to integrate and share data with your finance tech stack

BILL connects with leading accounting software and other financial process tools, helping you to reduce manual entry, speed up account reconciliation, and simplify every step of your workflow.
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Boost efficiency with AR & AP on one platform

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Complete information

Get the complete picture of money coming in and out of your business to make more informed decisions, faster.

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Simplify your tech stack

Work in one system that easily syncs both ways with your accounting software. There's no need for separate software solutions for each side of your cash flows.

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Compounded benefits

Reap the benefits from both sides of the platform. Get paid two times faster and save up to 50% of time spent on accounts payable.*

*Based on a 2021 survey of over 2000 BILL customers

Learn more about accounts receivable

Discover why hundreds of thousands of businesses and top accounting firms manage their accounts payable with BILL

Resources to help you succeed

Global business payment is becoming much easier

BILL International Business Payments is a simple and cost-effective way to make global business payments to vendors across more than 130 countries.

How long does a wire transfer take?

Wire transfers are a fast way to send or receive money. Businesses use wire transfers when they need to send large sums of money safely and quickly.

How to create digital receipts

Streamline your business with digital receipts! Learn their importance, how they work, and the benefits of managing them electronically with tools like BILL.


Frequently asked questions

What is AP automation?
AP automation, or accounts payable automation, uses automation technologies and digital processes to streamline the accounts payable process. It improves a finance team's efficiency, making AP faster, more productive, and less costly.

Cloud-based technologies convert the manual processes of entering individual invoices and signing checks into digital systems—turning your AP process into a competitive advantage. They read and store each invoice, manage billing communication, and make payments, all from one accounts payable solution that can be accessed remotely.

That does NOT mean that a computer system is taking over and paying every bill automatically. Far from it.

Any good accounts payable automation solution will use your own approval processes. If a new invoice should require 3 approvals before it gets paid, the platform will automatically route that invoice to the right people for those approvals.

AP automation is designed to improve the efficiencies of your AP department, applying your own trusted workflows in a faster, easier way, with less chance of human error.
What software is used for accounts payable?
Most accounts payable systems are already digitized to some degree. Business accountants use software like QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Xero, and other accounting tools to keep financial records. That accounting software tracks income, expenses, assets, and liabilities—invoices that have been processed, bills that have been paid, and other business transactions.

Today, accounts payable automation platforms integrate with that software to take digital automation to the next level. The BILL platform, for example, can capture information from an invoice automatically and digitize it for your review. It can automate your approval workflow. It lets you make payments by ACH, virtual card, physical check, or even international wire. It handles invoice processing, electronic documents storage, authorization, and payment, all from one convenient dashboard.

And because it integrates with the major accounting software platforms, it reduces the effective chance of human errors. The data entered in BILL is automatically synced and posted to your general ledger.
What are the benefits of AP automation?
AP automation saves accounting professionals and finance departments a lot of hours. That's the first thing. In fact, our customers report saving, on average, 50% of their AP time.*

That's time you could spend working more strategically, investing in active growth.

It's also more secure than manual systems. AP automation provides electronic payments, automated approval routing, a digital audit trail, and far better transparency than paper invoice management. It also protects your organization by keeping your bank account information hidden from vendors and suppliers.

Cloud-based AP automation lets finance teams work remotely, with more control, visibility, and transparency than an office-based paper system. It lets busy executives ask questions, see each response, and approve invoices with ease, from anywhere, even on a mobile device.

And it can significantly reduce errors. True AP automation applies machine intelligence to read and enter invoice data for review, flags potential issues like duplicate purchase orders, and syncs with your accounting software.

*Based on a 2021 survey of over 2000 BILL customers
What is the accounts payable workflow?
The accounts payable workflow begins when a business needs to procure a product or service. That could be anything from electric utilities for the office to contracted marketing agencies. Eventually, that expense payment becomes due, and the organization receives a paper or electronic invoice from the supplier of those goods or services.

First, the invoice data needs to be recorded and filed. Then, the AP workflow requires a storage system, invoice approval, and payment.

It sounds simple, and in a small business, one person might handle everything without any inquiries or special policies. The business owner might glance at the invoice, drop it in a folder, look up their bank funds, write out a check, apply postage and mail it, and then hand the invoice to an accountant at the end of the year in a stack of bookkeeping forms and receipts.

But as a business grows, it can't operate that way for long. Not even with a talented accounting manager.

The volume of papers and bills tends to increase dramatically. Monthly and quarterly reporting demands almost daily verification, and keeping up with the supporting documentation is a real challenge. Accounting systems increase in complexity, and each accounting update takes hours or even days instead of minutes or seconds.

In addition, as the company becomes more valuable, partners, investors, and CFOs demand formal invoice approval rules and compliance processes. Records management. Exception handling.

Add in the considerable hassles of different deadlines and fluctuating cash flow, and that manual system just isn't reasonable anymore. It's not how big business operates.

Successful companies need tools that can grow with them as their accounts payable workflow gets more complex.
How does automation streamline your approval process?
The implementation of AP automation streamlines approval workflows for both your accounts payable department and your executive suite.

Add as many controlled rules, roles, steps, and approval processes as you need. As each invoice comes in, BILL matches it to the right workflow and directs it to the right people for approval, handling that distribution automatically.

Need to accelerate the release of that payment? Checking on the status of any invoice is easy. The platform shows you all the events associated and tracked with that transaction so you can locate exactly where it is at a glance.

If there's an issue, you can answer any questions by adding a message right there in the app. Or send reminders to request timely approval and meet your payment cycle.

Give each employee their own controlled access to the application as needed. Thanks to today's automation tools, users can even approve invoices on their mobile phone using the BILL app for Google's Android or Apple's iPhone.
What you should know about AP automation software
AP automation software makes the AP process faster and more efficient. It can reduce costs. It can reduce errors. But the right software does more than that. It transforms the AP experience.

Instead of hunting for missing invoices, just search for them digitally and find them in a snap.

Don't dig through your email trying to remember what happened last month. It's all right there, saved in one convenient place.

Automate invoice receiving, data entry, and approval routing, and pay with a few clicks.

Plus, take advantage of early payment discounting and other opportunities for improved terms. Avoid duplicate payments. Advance your reputation and maintain preferred status in your vendor relationships by offering fast, easy payment.

Lower processing costs. Reduce spending with better analytics and insights. Streamline processes, knowing that the right controls are in place and that every invoice is being sent to the right people to be reviewed and validated.

And make monthly statement reconciliation faster and easier than ever.
How to choose an accounts payable platform
The difference between a decent accounts payable platform and a great one lies in what AP software can do for you. The right software helps your AP teams and approvers spend less time working with the accounts payable process, giving them more flexibility to focus on other aspects of the business.

Why is BILL the leading provider of AP automation, used by more than 80% of the top 100 accounting firms in the United States? Let’s start with how invoices enter the system.

Vendors can email a digital invoice directly to your dedicated AP address, and the platform starts to process it automatically upon arrival. Still getting invoices on paper? Drag and drop pdf scans into BILL on your computer, or snap a picture with your mobile phone and upload it. It's that easy.

Powered by BILL Artificial Intelligence, BILL gets started as soon as incoming invoices are detected, reading them and extracting data with state-of-the-art optical character recognition, then collecting and entering that information for your review.

Once you confirm that the billing codes, amounts, and other information are correct, BILL automatically routes the invoice to the right people according to your own flexible, customizable workflows. Automate workflows with as many specific rules and controls as you need.

Choose any of our popular payment methods—ACH, virtual card, international wire, or even paper check—and pay with just a few clicks.

Sync your BILL data with your accounting software to keep your general ledger up to date automatically.

But one of the biggest advantages of BILL is how much of a resource the app can be when things don't go right with an invoice—because there are different types of mistakes, problems, discrepancies, or suspicious activity. For example, if a vendor sends a duplicate invoice. Or if an approver is requesting information because they think the amount looks off.

The app has the ability to perform invoice matching and purchase order matching, flagging potential duplication to reduce the chance that you’ll pay the same bill twice.

And any back-and-forth conversation about a bill is stored with the bill itself—logged and time-stamped in a permanent, detailed audit trail just like every other touchpoint from entry to payment, for the kind of transparency investors and loan officers love.

Better yet, BILL is extremely easy to use. Actionable items show up in a user-friendly to-do list. Visible alerts highlight tasks that need your attention. Your team can hit the ground running without complicated instructions, fancy webinars, or in-house training from expensive consultants.

Ready to learn more? Start today with a trial by clicking the “Get Started” button below.

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