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Nonprofits of all sizes are reclaiming significant time and resources

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BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable

BILL helps nonprofits save up to 50% of time on AP so they can make greater impacts.

Streamline approvals: Automate approvals and stay on top of the approval process with in-app team communications and approval tracking from anywhere.

Enhance control: Manage access to invoices and payments with role-based permissions and separation of duties for maximized control and minimized risks.

Simplify audits: Pay vendors, 1099 contractors, and employees by check, ACH, credit card, or international payment with a few clicks. Track real-time payment status.

Track payments by donor or grant: Automated AP allows you to track payments associated with each grant or donor.

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BILL Spend & Expense

From program spending to employee expense reporting, BILL offers an efficient spend and expense tool with better control and transparency.

Save time and cost: Automated expenses processes, integration with accounting system and mobile accessibility help expedite reimbursement cycles.

Streamline expense management:  Automated tracking and categorization of expenses improves efficiency and accuracy, so employees can focus on field activities.

Financial control and compliance: Get real-time visibility into spending so you never go over budget. Enhance control and policy compliance and prevent fraud.

*Based on a 2021 survey of over 2000 BILL customers.

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“BILL just makes it easy to sync everything to QuickBooks.”

Jake Barney, AVP of Operations

“You can’t beat BILL for the security and efficiency it provides.”

Jess Gutierrez, CFO
Family Giving Tree

“I can just add my auditor to BILL and they can filter through all the transactions and pull the information they need. It takes a lot of work off of my end.”

Jennifer Jones, Controller
Massachusetts Horticultural Society

Integrate with any accounting system or ERP

BILL connects with leading accounting software helping you to reduce manual entry, speed up account reconciliation, and simplify every step of your workflow.
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Hear from happy BILL nonprofit customers

Overcome 5 nonprofit financial operations challenges with automation

Download the guide to learn how automation can help address financial operations challenges for your nonprofit. Save time to focus on your mission.
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Frequently asked questions

Which types of nonprofits use BILL?
BILL is used by a variety of nonprofits both large and small, from community development, service organization nonprofits, trade nonprofit groups, religious nonprofit groups, healthcare nonprofit organizations, professional nonprofit organizations to philanthropic nonprofits.
Why do nonprofits use BILL?
Nonprofits need to simplify financial operations to keep overhead low, so they value the time and resource gains from financial operations automation that is easy to use and implement.

Securing transactions and reducing fraud risks are also top of mind for nonprofits. In nonprofit financial operations, it’s required to enforce controls, implement separation of duties, and document audit trails for payments. It’s also critical to have clear expense trails and keep spending under budgets with real-time visibility to prevent fraud.

Most nonprofit customers come to BILL because they are referred by a colleague or accounting firm. Over 80% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms use BILL (for their clients) and BILL is the preferred provider of digital payments solutions for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).
Is BILL secure for nonprofits?
BILL is designed with your privacy and security in mind, providing safeguards and protections at the data, application, and payment levels to help guard your money and sensitive information. For more information, please visit our Security page.
What is BILL pricing?
BILL Spend & Expense is free! BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable pricing can be found here.
How do I start to use BILL for my nonprofit?
Request a live demo or get started with a risk-free trial.