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Confidently automate and control your business with BILL’s integrated financial operations platform.
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Maintain control of your financial operations

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BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable

BILL Accounts Payable and BILL Accounts Receivable frees finance teams from manual paperwork and time-consuming tasks, so they can focus on what matters: helping the business thrive.

Optimize payments: Pay bills and get paid faster with expedited options, automated syncing, and scheduling recurring invoices.

Empower partners: Provide vendors with their own managed accounts, payment preferences, and tracking notifications.

Gain control: Maximize cash flow with deferred payables and accelerated receivables.

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BILL Spend & Expense

BILL Spend & Expense eliminates manual expense reporting, gives you real-time insight into spending, and provides flexible credit lines to help your construction company grow.

Control spending: Never go over budget again with easy controls and visibility into every dollar spent.

Spend smarter: Earn rewards on all your spending with as many physical and virtual cards as needed.

Save time and cost: Eliminate manual expense reports and paper receipts with an easy-to-use mobile app.

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“What used to take 90 hours a month, takes 2. Card users get a notification, take a picture of their receipt from the app, and we’re able to close the books. With BILL Spend & Expense, click some buttons, you’re done."

James Streeter, AP Manager
Westland Construction

“We’re growing exponentially, and the infrastructure that we built with BILL is going to support us in all of that. I couldn’t do my job without BILL.”

Cindy Morton, Financial Controller
Anchored Tiny Homes

“BILL automates so much more than any other solution that we’ve used in the past. It’s fast, easy, and tracks everything for me.”

Bethany Dillon, Accounting Clerk
USA North 811

Integrate with your accounting software

BILL integrates with all accounting software, helping you reduce manual entry, speed up account reconciliation, and simplify every step of your workflow.

Financial operations automation for construction

A complete guide for contractors looking to automate their financial operations.
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Frequently asked questions

Why do construction companies use BILL? 
Construction businesses are often balancing large purchases across numerous job sites. Employees may pass around corporate cards to make on-the-go purchases, and receipts are often lost. Plus, with employees in the field and in offices, communication can be difficult.

Automating financial operations with BILL enables organizations to reduce manual data entry and the errors that result from manual work. With BILL, customers can be confident that payments will be made on time. Budgets can be set and monitored, and employees know exactly how much they can spend. Switching to a digital process also helps eliminate the mounting paperwork associated with paper invoices, paper receipts, and expense reports. Automating financial workflows can give construction companies the flexibility they need to grow and operate efficiently.
Which types of construction companies use BILL?
A wide variety of construction companies use BILL, from smaller boutique home builders to public safety to mid-market firms.

BILL is the preferred provider of digital payments solutions for, the technology arm of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).
How can construction companies further improve their financial operations?
Finding the right construction accounting method is important. Beyond that, finding construction accounting software is cirtic. BILL helps track the progress and status of all purchase orders in one place and avoid payment errors by ensuring price, quantity, and quality of inventory received match the agreed upon terms with construction materials and equipment suppliers. BILL also provides instant visibility into cash flow, so construction businesses know where they stand and can make informed decisions. Automation saves time on manual tasks like expense reporting, month-end close, and more. BILL helps construction companies automate financial operations so they can focus on growing and scaling their businesses.

Is BILL secure for construction companies?
BILL is the preferred provider of digital payments solutions for, the technology arm of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

BILL’s secure AP, AR, and Spend & Expense solutions will help protect your account information by making digital payments through the BILL account. Please visit our Security page for more information.
What is BILL pricing?
BILL pricing can be found here.
How can construction companies get started using BILL?
Please get details on how to start from here.