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on restaurants
on hotels
on recurring software subscriptions
on everything else
on restaurants
on hotels
on recurring software subscriptions
on everything else
on restaurants
on hotels
on recurring software subscriptions
on everything else

Redemption options that fit your business

BILL’s flexible rewards redemption program allows you to choose how you use your points.

Cash Back

Everyone loves getting cash back. Spend it anywhere.

Gift Cards

Easily redeem your rewards for virtual or physical gift cards and pass them on to your team.

Statement Credit

Take the easy road and shrink your monthly bill.  It only takes a few seconds.


Get double the point value and gain access to industry-leading rates with our TravelPerk partnership.

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“The rewards program has been a tremendous positive. Our COGS is 50% of our total revenue. All of which goes onto [BILL Divvy Corporate] cards. That means we’re generating $4000+ every few months in rewards.”
Wayne Stadler
CFO, OrangeCrate
“We love that [BILL] is free and the cash back rewards. Users love the experience over Expensify.”
Daniel Macfarlane
Director of Finance Lifewater International
“[BILL] saves us hundreds of hours every month with our expensing and budget tracking. It helps us put accountability in the hands of our employees and ensures we stay in budget.”
Joseph Brewer
CFO, Humanitarian Experience

BILL Spend & Expense is free to use, and you’ll never pay an annual fee

Don’t start in the red; you shouldn’t have to pay to earn points. With BILL, there’s no initiation fee, monthly fees, or hidden fees. That’s transparency.

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Frequently asked questions

How are rewards points calculated?
Reward points are calculated by awarding a point multiplier for each dollar spent on eligible BILL Divvy Corporate Card transactions* in an account. Point multipliers are determined by an account’s billing cycle and the transaction type. 

Multipliers apply to the first $5,000 spent in a month and all subsequent eligible transactions will earn rewards at the Everything Else* multiplier. For example, if your first $5,000 spent in a month was on hotels, the Hotels multiplier would apply to that $5,000, but all subsequent eligible transactions for that month would be given the Everything Else* multiplier, even if the transactions were for restaurants, hotels, or software subscriptions.
Reward Multipliers
Billing CycleWeekly, Daily, or PrepaidSemi-Monthly Billing CycleMonthly Billing Cycle
Recurring Software Subscriptions2x1.75x1.5x
Everything Else*1.5x1x1x
*Only eligible transactions apply. View ‘Which transactions are excluded from earning rewards points?’ for more information.
Which transactions are excluded from earning rewards points?
Most transactions are eligible for earning rewards points. The following transactions do not accrue points:
  • Any transactions from a given month if your total monthly spend is less than 30% below credit line
  • Foreign transactions and foreign transaction fees
  • Plastiq transactions
What are my rewards redemption options?
Rewards provides four redemption options:

Cash Back: The redemption amount is either sent to your bank account via ACH or mailed via check to the address on your BILL Spend & Expense account within 15 business days of redemption.

Statement Credit: The redemption amount is applied as an adjustment on your next monthly statement.

Travel: The redemption amount will be applied as a reimbursement after you have booked travel using your BILL Divvy Corporate Card. Reimbursement can be applied as statement credit, mailed check, or ACH and may take up to 10 business days.

Gift Cards: The redemption amount can be used for gift cards to a variety of brands and stores. You will receive an email from Tango within 3-5 days of redemption that will provide instructions for selecting the gift card merchant.
Can I calculate how much my rewards points are worth?
Yes. Here is the point value breakdown:
  • Cash Back: 0.0052 cents/point (100,000 points equals $520)
  • Gift Cards: 0.0051 cents/point (100,000 points equals $510)
  • Statement Credit 0.0049 cents/point (100,000 points equals $490)
  • TravelPerk transactions: .01 cent/point (100,000 points equals $1,000)
  • Other travel-related transactions: 0.0052 cents/point (100,000 points equals $520)
How do I retain my rewards?
To retain your earned rewards in any month, you must spend at least 30% of your credit line for that month. If you do not spend at least 30% of your credit line in a given month, you will forfeit any earned rewards points from that month.

Your accrued rewards points will be forfeited if:
  • You spend $0 in any given month.
  • You are delinquent or default on your payment at any time.
  • You are not a customer at the end of the initial 12-month period.
When can I redeem my rewards?
When you first sign up for a BILL Spend & Expense account, you begin a 12-month period where you can earn rewards points, but not redeem them. Once you have passed the initial 12-month period, you will be able to redeem rewards at any time, as long as you have accrued at least 5,000 points. 

To be eligible to redeem rewards points, you must meet the following criteria:
  • You have been a BILL Spend & Expense customer for a year.
  • You have accumulated at least 5,000 points.
  • Your account is not past due.
Note: You may forfeit accumulated rewards points in a given month if you do not meet the rewards requirements for that month.
For more information about our rewards program, click here.
To view the full details of our rewards program, click here.
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